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Piña Colada Coconut Ice Cream

Even during the winter months, you can make this Piña Colada Coconut Ice Cream and enjoy a tropical getaway in a bowl! This recipe is for a delicious, no-churn, soft-serve ice cream that is quick and easy to make. It’s so simple and the ingredients in this coconut ice cream are actually incredibly healthy. Using only coconut milk and frozen fruit, this recipe is non-dairy, Paleo, The Myers Way® and even Autoimmune protocol compliant. You can serve it on its own, or top with toasted coconut for some extra crunch and healthy fats.

What are the Ingredients in this Piña Colada Coconut Ice Cream?

Made with wholesome, real food ingredients, Piña Colada Coconut Ice Cream is healthier than anything you’ll find at an ice cream shop. It’s just another reminder that eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to skip dessert. Here are the healthy ingredients that make this dairy-free, coconut ice cream a delicious addition to any healthy menu.

coconut ice cream

Frozen Pineapple and Banana

Tropical fruits lend a natural sweetness to this homemade ice cream while contributing some of the traditional piña colada flavor without any toxic or inflammatory ingredients — hold the rum, please!

Just one cup of pineapple contains over 100% of your daily value of vitamin C, which is an essential antioxidant to help support your immune system and adrenals. Pineapple also contains plenty of manganese and thiamin, which help the body process cholesterol, protein, and carbohydrates, and convert carbs into energy (respectively).

Then we have the banana. There’s no need to let this household staple sit on the countertop until it’s no longer edible. Bananas are a popular fruity ingredient in many healthy desserts and for good reason. Perfectly sweet and easy to digest, bananas also contain potassium, fiber, and B vitamins.

Coconut Milk

One of my favorite ingredients, coconut milk is the best dairy-free milk choice for this no-churn ice cream recipe. Full fat coconut milk is creamy with a subtle sweetness and mild tang, and the tropical taste is perfect for a piña colada flavored treat. The saturated fat in coconut milk helps stabilize blood sugar and makes this a satiating, rich dessert that’s great for your digestion.


This bright orange root is a fantastic antioxidant and contains the polyphenolic compound curcumin, which naturally supports your body’s inflammatory response. You don’t have to save this spice for a flavorful, AIP curry when you have recipes like this Piña Colada Coconut ice cream.


A few drops of liquid stevia makes this recipe a bit sweeter while keeping your coconut ice cream free of added sugar. Unlike refined sugar or even natural sugars like honey or coconut sugar, stevia will not spike your blood sugar. However, if you find that the fruit is sweet enough on its own, or you dislike the taste of stevia, you can easily omit it.

How to Make Piña Colada Coconut Milk Ice Cream

This homemade ice cream recipe doesn’t need an ice cream maker. It is so simple and comes together so quickly — which is perfect for busy people like you and me. Frozen fruit also makes this dessert a cost-effective time saver!

All you need to do is add the ingredients to a high speed blender and blend them until the mixture is smooth. Pour mixture into a loaf pan or glass container and allow to freeze for at least six hours, or overnight.

When you’re ready to serve the ice cream, remove the container from the freezer and let it sit out at room temperature while you quickly toast some coconut flakes for topping or prepare some other delicious toppings such as sliced tigernuts!

Piña Colada Coconut Ice Cream





  • 3 cups pineapple frozen
  • 1 banana sliced and frozen
  • 2 cups full fat coconut milk
  • 1 tsp turmeric
  • coconut flakes toasted (optional)


  1. Place all ingredients into a high-speed blender. Blend until smooth and combined.
  2. Pour ice cream mixture into a loaf pan or glass freezer-safe container. Cover and let freeze for 6 hours or overnight.
  3. When ready to serve, let sit at room temperature to soften until ice cream reaches desired consistency.
  4. Top with toasted coconut for an extra decadent treat!
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