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Coconut Joy Fiber Bars - 1 Case (12 bars)

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Coconut Joy Bars Review
Coconut Joy Bars Case
Coconut Joy Bars Review
Coconut Joy Bars Case
Coconut Joy Bars Case
Coconut Joy Bars Review
My Coconut Joy Fiber Bars are the perfect paleo dessert!


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Coconut Joy Fiber Bar:

  • A perfect and delicious paleo approved dessert
  • An amazing 16 grams of fiber per bar
  • Only 2 grams of sugar in an entire bar
  • Has far superior flavor and texture than other ‘paleo’ dessert bars
  • Rich in medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) to support weight loss and control
  • Contains prebiotics and soluble fiber to support a healthy digestive tract probiotic community
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My Coconut Joy Fiber Bars are the best tasting paleo dessert bar around. Having followed a paleo inspired diet for quite a while, I’ve tried almost every dessert bar on the market, and I can personally attest to the fact that most of them aren’t worth the plastic they’re wrapped in. My Coconut Joy Fiber Bars are stunningly delicious. Inspired by Mounds® candy bars, you’ll be indulging in tasty and decadent dark chocolate, and coconut in every bite!

Kiss your sugar cravings goodbye! Sugar cravings can absolutely derail the best intentions when following The Myers Way®, a paleo diet, or an Autoimmune Protocol (AIP). One bite of my Coconut Joy Fiber Bars and you’ll be able to kick sugar craving right to the curb. Wherever I go, I take a Coconut Joy Fiber Bar with me so I don’t feel like I’m missing out when my friends, family, and peers are enjoying scones at a morning meeting, sweets at a shop downtown, or a decadent dessert after dinner!

Support healthy weight loss with fiber and Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs)! By now you’ve probably already heard about the many benefits of coconut oil and its Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs). MCTs help boost metabolism and fat burning, as well as support healthy energy production and gut health. MCTs are also being studied for their ability to support memory and cognitive function. Coconut Joy Fiber Bars are an excellent source of MCTs from coconut and coconut oil!

My Coconut Joy Fiber Bars have only 2 grams of sugar per bar! Many of the paleo dessert bars and fiber bars I’ve researched are absolutely loaded with sugar. And in many cases, containing more than 10x the amount of sugar in my Coconut Joy Fiber Bars. Weighing in at just 2 grams of sugar per bar, these delicious little dessert bars will satisfy any sweet tooth, and do it without spiking your blood sugar or contributing to weight gain and yeast overgrowth!

Did you know just one of my Coconut Joy Fiber Bars has over 40% of your recommended daily fiber intake? Adequate dietary fiber, which many of us do not even come close to getting in our diets, supports satiety and squashing sugar cravings, as well as bowel regularity and detoxification, all of which support your overall health and weight loss goals! Fiber also supports healthy blood sugar and insulin sensitivity. My Coconut Joy Fiber Bars have 16 grams of fiber per bar!

My Coconut Joy Fiber Bars are bursting with healthy prebiotics! Prebiotics are a special type of dietary fiber that feed the probiotics in your gut. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that support healthy immune function, digestion, mood, weight control, and so much more. My Coconut Joy Fiber Bars contain 2 different prebiotic fibers in the form of soluble tapioca fiber and inulin (from chicory root).

Coconut Joy Fiber Bars are clean, paleo friendly, as well as Candida Breakthrough™ and The Myers Way® friendly!! My Coconut Joy Fiber Bars contain no gluten, grains, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, trans fats or other unhealthy oils, or many other ingredients that people following a paleo protocol, or The Myers Way® would be avoiding. It does contain some dark chocolate, so if you are following a strict AIP diet, or are following The Myers Way® and have not yet reintroduced chocolate yet, please keep that in mind!


Coconut Joy Fiber Bars are perfect for anyone who:

  • Wants to kick sugar cravings to the curb
  • Is looking for a decadent and healthy paleo friendly dessert
  • Needs a fast, easy and delicious way to add fiber to their diet
  • Is tired of feeling left out when friends, family and coworkers are having sweets or dessert
  • Wants a delicious way to support bowel regularity and gut health


Suggested Use: Enjoy one bar as a delicious dessert any time of the day!

Ingredients: Coconut, Organic Dark Chocolate (organic cassava fiber; organic unsweetened chocolate; organic cocoa butter), Almond Butter, Soluble Tapioca Fiber, Organic Inulin, Organic Coconut Flour, Glycerin, Vanilla Extract, Coconut Oil, Salt, Monk Fruit, Stevia. Contains Tree Nuts (almond, coconut).

DOES NOT CONTAIN: Wheat, gluten, soy, fish, shellfish, peanuts, egg, ingredients derived from genetically modified organisms (GMOs), artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, or artificial preservatives.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the Bars being a food product, and not a nutritional supplement, I am unable to accept returns on them, opened or unopened. Please bear this fact in mind before you purchase a case. If you’d like to try the bars to see if you love them, please consider purchasing my Bar Sampler Pack before investing in a case of your favorite flavor!


How do Coconut Joy Fiber Bars taste so sweet, yet only have 2 grams of sugar per bar?

I formulated my Coconut Joy Fiber Bars to be low in sugar as far too many of the paleo dessert bar options out there were way too high in sugar for those of us looking to tackle health challenges such as digestive issues, candida, inflammation, etc. I used natural sugar alcohols, such as Monk Fruit and stevia extract to make these little bars taste extraordinary, but keep their sugar levels in the green!

How did you get 16 grams of fiber into a single bar, and keep it tasting so soft and delicious?

I wanted these bars to be satiating, delicious, and as healthy as possible, so I chose soluble, prebiotic fiber from tapioca and inulin. The end result is a bar with over 40% of your RDA of fiber that still tastes phenomenal!

How is the Coconut Joy Fiber Bar different from the Chewy Chocolate Paleo Bar?

The Coconut Joy Fiber Bar was designed to be a delicious and decadent dessert, ideal for those who are looking to squash sugar cravings, but would still like a sweet treat after dinner or when they’re out and about! I designed the Chewy Chocolate Paleo Bar to be the perfect snack between meals, a great protein source, and an excellent choice to fuel your body before and after a workout. 

Are Coconut Joy Fiber Bars safe to eat for kids, pregnant women, and nursing mothers?

Yes! As long as they’re not allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients in the bars, I invite everyone to enjoy them in moderation!

When is the best time of day to indulge in a Coconut Joy Fiber Bar?

The Coconut Joy Fiber Bar can be enjoyed any time of the day, however, it was designed to be a delicious and decadent dessert, ideal for those who are looking to squash sugar cravings, but would still like a sweet treat after dinner or when they’re out and about!

Can I eat Dr. Myers’ Coconut Joy fiber bars if I’m allergic to nuts?

My Coconut Joy bars contain almond butter and are manufactured in a facility that does indeed prepare them on equipment shared with other types of nuts. While the machines are thoroughly cleaned between product batches, there is always the chance, however small, that the ingredients in my bars could come into contact with proteins from other nuts. If you have a diagnosed tree nut or peanut allergy, please avoid the bars altogether, or speak with your doctor and/or allergist before trying them.

Why do you use Stevia in your products? 

As you know, the first pillar of The Myers Way® is to remove the toxic and inflammatory foods such as sugar, alcohol, and processed foods that can damage your gut. While following the first 30 days of The Myers Way®, I recommend avoiding all sugars, including natural sweeteners. This is particularly important if you’re addressing gut infections such as SIBO and Candida overgrowth because the bacteria and yeast feed off of carbohydrates and refined sugars.

However, if you’ve completed the protocol, you might be ready to enjoy the occasional, naturally sweetened indulgence!

I want to set you up for success so I only use all-natural sweeteners in my products. Stevia is a great natural sweetener used as a sugar substitute. 

What is Stevia?

Stevia is a natural sweetener that is derived from the leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plant which is native to Paraguay and Brazil. 

How does Stevia compare to other sweeteners?

Stevia’s sweetness comes from steviol glycosides, which are between 50 and 300 times as sweet as sugar. It is a natural alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners that may cause harm to your gut health. 

Is Stevia bad for you?

There have been a lot of stories about Stevia in the news which has caused some concern about using this ingredient in products and food you consume. The reason Stevia has been in the news is that it’s been found that several manufacturers have bulked up their Stevia by adding other artificial sweeteners, namely erythritol. We use only 100% organic Stevia in our products and none of our products contain erythritol.

Why am I receiving a Prop 65 warning on some Amy Myers MD® products?

Prop 65 requires a disclaimer for supplements that contain soil-based ingredients. All of my products are 100% organic and many are plant-based or sourced from the soil. I have personally hand-selected each ingredient to ensure that you receive the highest quality ingredients available, and that they are both safe and effective. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to my Customer Success Team at (512) 721-0424 or you can learn more here.

Coconut Joy Fiber Bars supplement facts

† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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