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Leaky Gut Breakthrough® Kit

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Powerful supplements for supporting optimal gut and immune function.

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The Leaky Gut Breakthrough®Kit:

  • Offers a powerful combination of the four supplements I recommend for ‘leaky gut’
  • Supports optimal gut barrier function
  • Helps restore digestive tract probiotic population
  • Supports a healthy and balanced immune and inflammatory response


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My Leaky Gut Breakthrough® Kit is a combination of four crucial nutritional supplements for anyone concerned with Intestinal barrier function and ‘leaky gut.’ Your gut barrier, the thin layer of cells that line your intestinal wall, is one of the most critical components of your immune system. These cells regulate what can and cannot pass through from your digestive tract into your bloodstream. Complete and partial proteins, lectins, pathogens, and other undesirable compounds that pass from your intestinal tract into your bloodstream have the ability to ‘trigger’ your immune system and can cause inflammation, as well as lead to food sensitivities, allergies, and even autoimmune disease.

Let me introduce you to the four nourishing supplements included in my Leaky Gut Breakthrough® Kit. The first supplement I chose for my Leaky Gut Breakthrough® Kit is The Myers Way® Collagen Protein: Collagen protein contains key amino acids needed for tissue repair and helps maintain a healthy intestinal barrier, as well as supports healthy bones and joints! It is sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised beef, and is 100% non-GMO and kosher.

Next up is my Leaky Gut Revive® Max: Leaky Gut Revive® Max is a powerful combination of important amino acids and botanicals that helps promote your body’s intestinal tissue repair mechanisms, repair damage caused by inflammation, restore your gut’s healthy mucous membrane and maintain a healthy gut barrier. Plus, with Max I've added ImmunoLin® - A powerful serum-derived bovine immunoglobulin protein isolate (SBI) that supports intestinal health and helps facilitate healthy immune function.

My Complete Enzymes formula supports optimal digestion and nutrient absorption, as well as assists the body’s intestinal repair and inflammation response mechanisms. 

Finally, my Probiotic Capsules 100 Billion round out the four: A potent, fourteen-strain probiotic totaling 100 billion CFU’s per capsule for maximum digestive health and immune support.

Collagen is the most important and abundant structural protein in your body. Think of collagen as the ‘glue’ that holds your body together. Your skin, bones, connective tissue, cartilage, and joints all depend on ample collagen to be healthy, strong and flexible. Collagen is especially crucial for the health and function of your gut barrier as intestinal tissue is literally made up of collagen protein.

I’m sure you’ve heard about leaky gut before. Leaky gut is what happens when your gut barrier becomes compromised to the point of allowing foreign matter from your digestive tract into your bloodstream, where it absolutely should not be. Anyone who is concerned about autoimmunity, food sensitivities, and inflammation, should be paying attention to Glutamine. Glutamine supports and helps to maintain a healthy gut barrier. Your gut barriers are easily one of the most important parts of your immune system. It’s what keeps potentially allergenic and inflammatory proteins from entering your bloodstream where they can trigger an immune response. These immune responses can be simply irritating to downright devastating. They may lead to everything from itching, swelling, and inflammation, to allergy development, allergic reactions, and even the manifestation of autoimmunity.

My Compete Enzymes do more than just ‘digest’. In fact, I formulated my Complete Enzymes to assist with tackling GI tract issues as well. The broad spectrum blend of proteolytic enzymes I selected assist with breaking down inflammatory antigens, such as lectins. This helps support a normal inflammation response in the gut which is critical for supporting a healthy intestinal barrier. They also have a beneficial effect on undesirable microorganism levels that opportunistically inhabit the digestive tract. If you’re dealing with dysbiosis, parasites, or fungal overgrowth, i.e. Candida, the correct blend and potency of enzymes can go a long way!

Collagen Protein:
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Probiotic Capsules 100 Billion:
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Leaky Gut Revive:
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Complete Enzymes:
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