You can get incredible benefits from a varied diet that includes grass-fed or wild-caught proteins, healthy fats, and a variety of organic fruits and vegetables. In fact, many of your dietary nutrients actually come from those last two items. They’re full of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, supporting everything from cardiovascular health to a balanced inflammatory response. 

Yet what if you can’t get five servings of organic fruits and vegetables every day? That’s where my Organic Greens comes to the rescue. Made with 100% USDA certified organic vegetables, superfoods, fruits, herbs, and adaptogenic herbs, Organic Greens is a certified organic nutritional powerhouse!

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Why Is It Important to Include Greens in Your Diet?

Greens can support your immune and nervous systems and even balanced blood pressure, as well as help detoxify your body, among other benefits. 

If you get your greens from juicing fruits and vegetables, it’s time to give your wallet a break by switching to a greens powder. Organic green juices can get expensive, even if you have a juicer at home. Juicing also doesn’t offer you the benefit of high-fiber, whole fruits and vegetables, which many greens powders provide. And who has time to prep all those vegetables plus clean the juicer?

Greens powders are also great dietary supplements that offer you a healthy alternative when you’re traveling or want to boost your nutrient intake. You could even call them super greens powders! 

What Are the Health Benefits of My Organic Greens?

Greens powders provide essential nutrients from green fruits and vegetables. The best blends also include nutrients from fresh herbs, roots, and adaptogenic herbs. Let’s look at some of the benefits of supplementing with my custom-formulated Organic Greens:

  • Helps meet your daily needs for calcium and vitamin A. Calcium is essential to bone health, while vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin important in nutrient absorption, maintaining healthy blood cells, and protecting the body from free radicals.1
  • Includes nutrient-dense spirulina and chlorella, which are packed with iron to ensure your blood cells can carry oxygen throughout your body. That’s one of your circulatory system’s most important functions! Spirulina and chlorella are among the richest nutrient sources on the planet. You can read all about them here.
  • Optimizes detoxification with alkaline greens. Alkaline foods are foods that can help increase healthy PH levels in the body.2 Nearly all the ingredients in Organic Greens are alkaline foods, including ginger and turmeric which also help support your body’s response to inflammation. They also contain the molecule chlorophyll, which can support a healthy liver and assist in your body’s natural ability to detox, keeping toxins from collecting in your body in the first place.3
  • Promotes hormone health with Peruvian maca root. Maca root has been used as an herbal remedy for hundreds of years to help balance energy levels, support thyroid function, and support hormonal and sexual functions. It has also been observed that maca may help alleviate feelings of stress such as frustration and low mood.4
  • Supports a healthy stress response with Ashwagandha, which is known to encourage stress relief5 and support a healthy immune response.6 It is widely used to promote balanced stress hormones and increase energy.

How to Get the Most From a Greens Supplement

To ensure you’re getting the most out of your greens powder, I recommend finding a product that is certified organic. My Organic Greens is made with 14 organic vegetables, superfoods, fruits, herbs, and adaptogens that are 100% USDA certified. It’s full of superfoods and phytonutrients such as spirulina and chlorella that are missing in modern diets, which are among the richest nutrient sources on the planet!

I can’t stress enough how important organic produce really is for your health. With green juice made from conventionally-grown produce, you’re getting concentrated pesticides and other nasty chemicals every time you take a sip of your juice. The ingredients in typical green juice powders might also be genetically-modified, which comes with its own set of risks. 

Finally, ready-made, store-bought juices are usually sold in plastic bottles. The entire time your juice is sitting in that plastic bottle on the store shelf, it’s leaching carcinogenic and endocrine-disrupting toxins such as BPA & BPS right out of the plastic! That’s right! Because store-bought brands are in a liquid form, they react with the plastic bottle they’re stored in. My Organic Greens is specially dried and powdered, preserving all of the nutritional value so it won’t leach chemicals from its container!

Unlike many other greens powders on the market, Organic Greens also tastes great. It’s not at all bitter, and it is slightly sweet from a touch of the natural sweetener, monk fruit. It’s the perfect nutritional boost for any time of the day or night. Simply stir the powder into a glass of water or blend it with your favorite smoothie ingredients.

Who Should Use Organic Greens?

My Organic Greens is a quick and easy way to get the organic nutrients your body needs to function optimally. It’s perfect for anyone who:

  • Is looking to save a lot of time versus juicing their produce every morning
  • Needs a tasty, inexpensive alternative to pricey juice-bar offerings 
  • Travels often and wants a doctor-designed source of organic nutrition while eating out
  • Wants to mitigate stress & balanced hormonal health 
  • Wishes to alkalize their body, increasing healthy PH

If you want to optimize your nutrient intake and get some extra greens in your nutrient-dense diet, then my Organic Greens is a fantastic way to get all the benefits of fruits and vegetables in one drink. It’s an effortless addition that will make all the difference. Get yours today!

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