Low-dose Naltrexone (LDN) has been touted as a panacea by many with autoimmunity. Whenever I speak on the topic of autoimmunity or thyroid health, it is often one of the first things I am asked about. Do I recommend LDN? Does it really work? Which autoimmune diseases does it work for? How do you use it?

Today I’d like to help you better understand what LDN is, how it can be helpful for patients with autoimmune disease, and how I have used it with my own patients. I will also discuss how LDN can fit into The Myers Way® as part of a broader approach to reversing autoimmunity alongside The Myers Way® Autoimmune Kit.

Before we dive in… check out this short quiz to determine if autoimmunity could be the root cause of your conditions.

Do you think you have an autoimmune condition?

While there are many different types of autoimmune diseases that affect many different organs, all autoimmune conditions are the result of your immune system attacking your own body.

When your body is working overtime to defend itself against something potentially dangerous – an allergen, toxin, infection, or even food – it can easily become stressed and mistakenly attack your own tissues instead of potential invaders, causing a wide range of symptoms.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, especially a combination of several of them, you may have an autoimmune condition.


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