For those with less complex issues like digestive concerns, suspected food sensitivities, migraines, seasonal allergies, or just a sense that something’s not quite right, nutritional counseling is a good place to start. My Registered Dietitian Nutritionists are highly capable health detectives who can also order the two lab tests (Food Sensitivity & Comprehensive Stool Test) I most often run to help pinpoint what’s going wrong.

If you’re suffering from a chronic condition, or have tried just about everything else and are at the end of your rope physically, mentally and emotionally, I can give you hope. I have treated patients from under two years old to over eighty, suffering from a range of issues like chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, autoimmune, toxic mold, ADD, autism, infertility, and depression to name a few.

Regardless of whether you see me, or one of my Registered Dietitian Nutritionists, you’ll discover a lot about what healthy means to you and your body. It’s hard to change lifelong habits. I know, I’ve done it myself along with my staff. These habits and choices you’re holding onto may be the very thing contributing to your medical issues. Let us help set you on the right path toward education, transformation and lifelong health.