I love using collagen or gelatin for gut healing and repair – in fact, it is one of my top recommendations! Adding it into water or tea is a great option, but using it in cooking and baking is a novel way to hide this powerful nutritional tool.

These gummies are perfect for a yummy treat, and they are loaded with health benefits! The grass-fed gelatin will help heal a leaky gut, while the low-sugar dark fruit juice packs a punch of antioxidants. The magnesium citrate provides a pleasant sourness along with benefits such as relaxation, better sleep, and improved digestion!

Sour Pomegranate Magnesium Gummies

Sour Pomegranate Magnesium Gummies


30 gummies


  • 3/4 cup unsweetened pomegranate juice (or other dark, lower sugar fruit juice of your choice)
  • 3 tbsp The Myers Way® Gelatin
  • 2 tbsp magnesium citrate powder
  • pinch sea salt
  • small silicone candy molds of your choice


  1. To a small saucepan, add juice, salt and magnesium. Sprinkle the gelatin powder over the juice mixture in the saucepan (do not turn on the burner yet) and whisk to combine. Allow this mixture to sit for about 5 minutes to “bloom” the gelatin.
  2. Turn burner to low-medium heat. As the mixture heats up, it will start to liquify. Once the gelatin is dissolved, turn off the heat. Whisk once or twice to combine.
  3. Pour the mixture carefully into the silicone molds. (Alternatively, you can pour the mixture into a small baking dish and cut out shapes later if you do not have a mold).
  4. Refrigerate molds for about two hours or until fully set. Then, carefully pop gummies out of molds and place in storage container in the fridge.