If you’ve read my books or my blog, participated in a webinar, watched a live event, or listened to one of my podcasts, you’re probably familiar with these words: conventional medicine failed me and it is my mission to not have it fail you too. It truly is my mission to help you avoid the pitfalls of conventional medicine and help you take control of your health. I have a vision of creating a clear path to optimal health and wellness, something that is better than what we all know through conventional physicians and medications.

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The Beginning

Paraguay: 1996, Louis

This vision first started in 1996 during the time I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in rural Paraguay. A little boy covered with pustules and with a fever of 105˚ lay on a bed, breathing shallowly. His name was Louis. No one seemed to care about how sick he was. After hours of searching for help, I finally managed to get him to a hospital two hours away by tractor for the treatment that saved his life. Later I realized it wasn’t that no one cared—it was just that the death of a sick child was a normal part of life for them.

I knew there had to be a better way! I would become a doctor.

Bay Saint Louis: 1999, Betty

A few years later, in 1999, my mother, Betty, was having severe back pain. Her doctor wasn’t running a lot of tests because my mom didn’t have much money or health insurance. Finally, we found out she had metastatic pancreatic cancer. Four months to the day that she was diagnosed, I held my mother’s hand as she took her last breath. My mother, much to my dismay, had opted for conventional treatment. I’m convinced to this day that the conventional treatment killed her much quicker than if she had done nothing at all.

I knew there had to be a better way! I would become a researcher.

Instead of sitting at home wallowing in my sorrows, I became a researcher and studied Noni juice, a natural angiogenesis inhibitor for which I hold a US patent.

Learning to Heal

New Orleans: 2002, Amy

In my second year of medical school, I started to experience weight loss, anxiety, and insomnia. I was eventually diagnosed with Graves’ disease, an autoimmune condition of the thyroid. Conventional medicine’s solution was to ablate or kill, my thyroid with radioactive iodine. It’s the biggest regret of my life.

I knew there had to be a better way! I would prevent others from going through what I did.

Baltimore: 2005, Jessica

It was the first year of my emergency medicine residency program. While on my ICU rotation, I had a patient named Jessica. She was in her twenties, was newly engaged, and had rheumatoid arthritis. She was also in liver failure from an immunosuppressant drug called Remicade. If she didn’t get a new liver, she was going to die. I stayed up all night checking her labs and updating her family. In the final hours just before her liver completely failed, the transplant team found her a liver. Jessica, who was in the prime of her life, should never have gotten to this point.

I knew there had to be a better way. I had to get back to my Why.

New York: 2009

I went to a conference in New York and heard a physician speak for the first time about functional medicine. Functional medicine looks to find the root causes of disease and reverse, rather than treating symptoms with pills.

I found a better way!

I took all the courses that The Institute for Functional Medicine had to offer. In 2010, I left the ER and opened my own functional medicine clinic, Austin UltraHealth. I developed The Myers Way®; a functional medicine approach that focuses on the individual, finding the root cause for their illness, and treating more than just the symptoms. Patients came to me from all over the world.

The First Successes

I’d like to share with you the stories of a few of those patients, whom I discuss in greater detail in my New York Times bestseller, The Autoimmune Solution.

Jennifer was one of my first patients who was really, really complex. At one point, she had been in a wheelchair; she had something called polymyositis. She was on three immunosuppressive drugs, and they weren’t working for her.

After working with Jennifer for several months, I was able to help get her off all of her medications and all of her lab tests returned to normal. She has been symptom-free, medication free, and living an optimal and happy life since then. I was able to help give Jennifer her life back.

Susan came to my clinic with transverse myelitis, a condition similar to MS. She had two grandchildren who lived in California. She was in so much pain, she couldn’t even play with them.

Susan had a cream that she found worked really well for her, but her body would eventually become immune to it. Despite a sharp-shooting nerve pain, she went two days each week without using the cream in order to curb the immunity. These two days were incredibly painful. She couldn’t even sleep; she was so miserable because she was in so much pain.

Just after her third visit, she called me from California. I could hear her grandkids in the background; she was with them on the playground. She had called to tell me she didn’t even need her cream anymore. She was able to get back to playing with her grandchildren after working with me through only three visits.

And then there’s James—my dad. He told me that I saved his life. He too had polymyositis, and for a long time, he didn’t want to listen to me or use a functional medicine approach. Eventually, he had to go in for surgery. He was on three immunosuppressive drugs just like Jennifer, which he had to stop taking in preparation for his operation.

I said, “Well, why don’t you just give The Myers Way® a try? You have 30 days before your surgery,” and he did. After his surgery, he was able to stay off all of his medications for two years until he had a flare. Within six months of that flare, he passed from pneumonia as a complication of the drugs he was given.

There is a better way, and it’s the Myers Way®.

A Wider World

I set out to help Louis, Jennifer, Jessica, Susan, myself, my mom and my dad, and the millions of others in the world. In 2015, my clinic was growing, and I formed amymyersmd.com/ with just a few people on staff. In 2017, we launched our first program, The Autoimmune Solution Program. It was a huge hit! That same year, however, my father passed away, and my husband and I adopted our daughter, Elle. So much was happening. After thinking long and hard about how many people I could reach by seeing patients individually, and how many more people I could help through my company, I made the tough decision to close the clinic.

The company has grown exponentially since then and I believe it’s because everyone here focuses on our core values:

SERVE: We go above and beyond to be of service.

EFFECT: We actively look for a way to make a positive impact.

EMPOWER: We empower people and deliver quality results.

This is our mission: We empower people to take back their health by providing them with the tools to understand the root cause of their symptoms, and a solution to live by.

Our vision is: To inspire a healthier, more informed world, where chronic illness is a thing of the past, and our tools are used by millions around the world to achieve optimal health.

Remember, conventional medicine failed me and it is my mission to not have it fail you too. You can take control of your health and your life!