It’s no secret that digestive and gut health issues are on the rise. An American Gastroenterological Association (AGA) survey reveals that nearly 40% of Americans deal with daily digestive troubles.1 What’s promising is that the conversation is heating up about how gut health impacts overall health.

While the importance of gut health is becoming more mainstream, it’s something functional medicine has known for decades. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said 2,500 years ago, “All diseases begin in the gut.” 

If you read my New York Times bestseller, “The Autoimmune Solution,” my blog, or participated in one of my programs, you’ve heard me say the words, “Your gut is the gateway to your health.” Considering nearly 80% of your immune system lives in your gut, it truly is. Without a healthy gut, you cannot have a healthy immune system. To get your immune system functioning optimally, you must heal your gut. 

What if I told you you could repair your gut and support your immune system simultaneously for optimal gut function? After years of research and experience in my clinic, I have discovered a powerful ingredient that does just that called ImmunoLin®. I will tell you about this powerful gut-healing tool and why I consider it my most comprehensive weapon to promote gut healing and detoxification. Let’s get started. 

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What Is ImmunoLin®?

ImmunoLin® is a serum-derived bovine immunoglobulin/protein isolate (SBI), the only non-dairy protein ingredient with concentrated levels of the IgG antibody,2 intended to support the body’s natural immune defenses. Unlike similar products such as colostrum, ImmunoLin® contains no dairy proteins or lactose. I’ll talk more about this later. 

More than 35 years of research have gone into developing the immunoglobulin supplement marketed today as ImmunoLin®. Before Entera Health bought the rights to the ImmunoLin®, I used this product in my clinic with patients for years and saw amazing results. 

ImmunoLin® contains the highest concentration of naturally sourced immunoglobulins, also called antibodies, in the world, particularly the IgG antibody.  I’ll discuss antibodies and their role in digestive health in just a bit. 

ImmunoLin® is formulated to promote immunoglobulin count and optimal gut health by supporting gut barrier function due to its binding action of microbial components within the digestive tract.  

A significant amount of bovine immunoglobulins can survive throughout the digestive process and reach the small intestine to facilitate gut repair. Data collected from studies indicate a substantial amount of immunoglobulins are present throughout the GI tract after oral intake of bovine IgG.3

To better understand how ImmunoLIn® works, you need to understand the role of immunoglobulins. 

What are Immunoglobulins?

Immunoglobulins (Ig) or antibodies are glycoproteins naturally produced by plasma cells in our bodies.4 They are essential in protecting you against bacteria, viruses, and fungi. These antibodies bind, neutralize, and remove harmful antigens. 

When these glycoproteins are deficient, recurrent infectious diseases can occur.5 Think of immunoglobulins as an army of soldiers your immune system calls on when faced with an attack from a foreign invader. 

Your immune system consists of two parts: the innate immune system and the adaptive immune system. The innate immune system is programmed at birth and is the frontline defender, which includes your skin, proteins, and immune system cells. 

The adaptive immune system is like a computer and learns as it comes in contact with invaders and remembers them. The adaptive immune system is your second line of defense. It uses immunoglobulins to destroy each pathogen it has encountered. 

Immunoglobulins can differ structurally, yet they are built from the same basic units. There are five main structures– IgM, IgA, IgE, IgD, and IgG. 

  • IgM – Serves as the first line of host defense against infections.
  • IgA – Binds and neutralizes food allergies and protects mucosal tissues from microbial invasion.
  • IgE – The immune overreacts and produces these antibodies during an allergic reaction.
  • IgD – B-cell antigen – exact function is unknown.
  • IgG – Neutralizes toxins, viruses, and bacteria. It is the only immunoglobulin that can cross the placenta, protecting the fetus from infectious diseases.6

Your body keeps a blueprint of all the IgG antibodies you have made; that way, if you’re exposed to the same pathogens, your immune system can act quickly to produce more antibodies.7 As mentioned previously, ImmunoLin® has the highest concentration of IgG.

The Benefits of ImmunoLin®

ImmunoLin® supports the body’s natural immune defenses, maintains a healthy gut, and helps protect against infectious, idiopathic, and autoimmune diseases. Here are four of the powerful benefits of ImmunoLin®.

Supports Digestive Health

With ImmunoLin® containing over 60% immunoglobulins and other critical serum proteins, it facilitates an optimal immune system response and promotes optimal digestion.8 Immunoglobulins bind potentially toxic antigens within the digestive tract, prohibiting them from crossing the gut barrier. 

Provides Immune Support

ImmunoLin® promotes the body’s natural immune defense within the gut through essential detoxification. Bovine immunoglobulins get synthesized in an immune response to pathogens. Not only does it binds to a wide range of pathogenic bacteria and viruses, but it also binds to allergens. The binding function of antigens helps limit the activation of the immune response that would otherwise send the immune system into overdrive, leading to chronic intestinal inflammation.

ImmunoLin® has been clinically shown to promote the body’s natural immune defense within the gut through essential detoxification. Bovine immunoglobulin is synthesized in an immune response to pathogens. Not only does it binds to a wide range of pathogenic bacteria and viruses, but it also binds to allergens. The binding function of antigens helps limit the activation of the immune response that would otherwise send the immune system into overdrive, leading to chronic intestinal inflammation.

Maintains Intestinal Homeostasis

Immunoglobulins restore gut homeostasis by maintaining a healthy GI barrier function and aiding in the absorption of nutrients. When immunoglobulins bind to potentially toxic antigens within the digestive tract, they prohibit them from crossing your gut barrier.

Supports Healthy Gut Barrier Function 

IgG supports gut homeostasis, which is the binding action that keeps toxic antigens within the intestinal tract, blocking absorption into the bloodstream, and thus helping to manage gut permeability.

Why You Would Need ImmunoLin®

Your health depends on various factors such as diet, stress, environment, and genetics. Intestinal permeability, the impairment of gut immune function, can happen due to a change in just one of those factors. Whether your gut type is stressed, toxic, dysbiotic, autoimmune, or gastric, the root cause of your symptoms starts with your gut microbiome. 

I like to think of the gut as a rainforest, home to a vast and diverse range of living organisms living in a delicate balance known collectively as your microbiome. When bacteria, fungi, and viruses live harmoniously, your gut is healthy, and your immune system functions optimally. 

If this balance gets out of whack, it leaves your gut vulnerable to infections, inflammation, and autoimmune disease. As with a rainforest, when the good or beneficial plants begin to die, the bad ones start to take over. This also happens in your gut– even just one dose of antibiotics can throw off the balance of the good bacteria used to keep your immune system running optimally. 

The good gets killed or significantly reduced, and the harmful bacteria (SIBO) and yeast (Candida) that were kept in check can take over and grow out of control.

Additionally, suppose you’re eating a diet high in refined carbohydrates, sugar, and alcohol. In that case, you feed the SIBO and yeast (Candida), and they grow even more out of control, which is called dysbiosis. Certain medications, such as antibiotics, acid-blocking drugs, birth control pills, and steroids, can also cause further dysbiosis. As the dysbiosis gets more out of control, it can cause suppression in your immune system, which can lead to being susceptible to other infections that may require more antibiotics, and the vicious cycle keeps going.

ImmunoLin® – Infographic – Amy Myers MD®ImmunoLin® - Infographic - Amy Myers MD®® – Infographic – Amy Myers MD®

A Non-Dairy Alternative to Colostrum

Colostrum is a popular digestive supplement that provides similar benefits as ImmunoLin®. However, the proteins in Colostrum get derived from a mammal mother’s first milk after birth. 

Diary is highly inflammatory in a large percentage of the world’s population for many reasons, such as lactose intolerance, a reaction to the proteins whey and casein, and molecular mimicry. Dairy is one of two foods I believe you should never eat. 

People who do produce the lactase enzyme to break down lactose can still react poorly to the proteins in milk. Casein has a similar molecular structure to gluten, and 50% of people who are gluten intolerant are also casein intolerant.

Another factor to consider is that ImmunoLin® contains 50% more immunoglobulins and peptides than colostrum. This is why I included it in my formula for the most comprehensive tool for optimal gut health, Gut ImmunIG™.

Gut ImmunIG™ and The Four R’s

The Four R’s are the first step in The Myers Way® protocol to heal your gut (Remove, Replace, Reinoculate, Repair). This critical process is essential in getting to the root of the underlying barriers to gut health and alleviating the debilitating symptoms they cause. Gut ImmunIG™ is a key tool for achieving and maintaining optimal gut health—for good!

Remove With Gut ImmunIG™

Gut ImmunIG™ gets right to work—beginning the process by facilitating the removal of negative factors wreaking havoc upon the delicate balance of your gut’s microbiome.* 

The Immunoglobulins in Gut ImmunIG™ work around the clock as a biotoxin binder to expel antigens and toxins—prohibiting them from crossing the gut barrier.*

Restore with Gut ImmunIG™

Once Gut ImmunIG™ has helped to expel biotoxins and irritants, your body will be able to more effectively aid in proper digestion, so you can begin to overcome the negative effects of poor diet, medications, chronic illness, and aging.

Gut ImmunIG™ is the perfect way to promote a balanced digestive process that absorbs and breaks down nutrients efficiently and enables greater muscle protein synthesis—so you can get back to the quality of life you deserve.

Reinoculate With Gut ImmunIG™

Next, it’s time to reinoculate by restoring your gut’s natural microbiome so that your body can experience the amazing benefits of optimal nutrient absorption, At this point, Gut ImmunIG™ has laid the foundation for an environment where newly introduced beneficial bacteria will thrive, helping your gut and body achieve optimal health.*

Repair With Gut ImmunIG™

Finally, and most importantly, it’s time to provide your gut with the nutrients necessary to help the gut repair and maintain itself. Gut ImmunIG™ quickly and efficiently facilitates a stronger mucosal lining within the gut for peak gut barrier function. Your body can finally be able to maintain its intestinal homeostasis and reduce the risk of symptoms returning in the future.

Repairing your gut is the first step to optimal health, and Gut ImmunIG™ is a powerful tool to restore gut health. 

The Final Word on ImmunoLin®

As you may experience digestive troubles, providing your gut microbiome with the extra support it needs is essential. Throughout working with patients to restore their gut health, I found the most success with taking immunoglobulins supplement. I formulated Gut ImmunIG™ with the power of ImmunoLin™ to provide an optimal amount of gut-supportive immunoglobulins for complete immune support and gut revival. 

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