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Facebook Questions Answered

  1.  Plant strong vs Paleo, which is better?
  2. Any suggestions for a 3-year-old boy with hives who has been given Zyrtek?
  3. It is true that Propylthiouracil (PTU) is worse for Graves’ disease than Metimazole?
  4. Do you think the MTHFR gene is responsible for all the health issues they have attributed to it?
  5. I am heterozygous MTHFR, what specifically do I need to do?
  6. How do you feel about the flu vaccination?
  7. Any treatment needed if you have high antibodies for Hashimoto’s, but normal TSH in a teen?
  8. Can you tell me why products with less sugar end up costing more?
  9. What is your view on the Blood Type Diet?
  10.  Can someone taking SSRIs actually cause a mild serotonin syndrome type reaction if they have a sudden, dramatic improvement in gut health by changing their diet?
  11. How can someone who has to live on disability with no health insurance and no extra discretionary funds stay even remotely healthy in these times?
  12. Why do insurance companies not reimburse for your services or other functional medicine doctors?
  13. How long does it take to regrow hair after getting on thyroid meds?
  14. What do you recommend for migraines?
  15. How do histamine levels in the body specifically affect the gut?
  16. Which carbs and fruits are best for a R.A. sufferer?
  17. Some health advocates claim that you shouldn’t mix fruit with nuts, and or yoghurt and fruit – would this be the case for those with gut issues – or is it just nonsense and why do they advocate this?
  18. What would you recommend as a remedy for itchy “wet feeling” ears
  19. How do I find the right internist?
  20.  If I have no gallbladder, can my digestion ever be optimal? What can help it?
  21. What is the holistic way to treat fibromyalgia?
  22. I am bored with the TWM elimination diet. What can I do to add some variety?
  23.  What is your take on probiotics and cancer with Chemo treatments?
  24. What is the best treatment of ADD?
  25. What is your opinion on Dr. Stephanie Seneff’s study on GMO foods that contain Round up (glyphosate) ? Have you seen the study?
  26. Have you heard of Pathway Fit test from Genova Diagnostics?