Dan Pardi

Dan is the CEO and co-founder of Dan’s Plan, an online wellness and technology company promoting optimal health in our modern world. Prior to founding this company, Dan established a track record of excellence in various health-related occupations, including innovative work in bioinformatics and Scientific and Medical Affairs in the biopharmaceutical industries. Dan has also performed scientific research on diet, exercise, and cancer, and continues to conduct research today in both sleep neurobiology and cognitive neuroscience at Stanford University and the University of Leiden.

Dan’s Plan  is an online program to help optimize health and sleep.

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The Myers Way Episode 10: Sleep Expert Dan Pardi


How our sleep has changed over the last 50 years (hint: we are sleeping less)

The effects of loss of sleep and sleep deprivation

The importance of intention formation for sleep

How we discover our optimal number of hours to sleep

Sleep Issues

How artificial light in the evenings is the greatest negative factor for sleep

How sleep problems influence weight gain

What are the health risks associated with night shift work and some health suggestions

What is Ipad insomnia?

Getting Better Sleep

How to improve circadian rhythms

How to use amber lights, blackout curtains, and computer software to help get better sleep

Do natural sleep aids work? (5HTP, Melatonin, Magnesium)

How what you do during the day, affects your sleep at night

5 tips to better sleep

How do people stay in touch with you Dan?