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Your Facebook Questions Answered

  1. Will you treat me via Skype in the UK?
  2. Is it okay to have wheat and barley grass in your diet if you’re gluten sensitive or celiac?
  3. Would you recommend the iodine radiation procedure for a person with hyperthyroidism?
  4. How do I rid my body of Candida?
  5. What probiotic do you recommend for kids?
  6. How do you convince the rest of the medical establishment of your way of practicing is the only one that addresses health and not disease?
  7. What do you think of bio-identical hormones for women?
  8. How do I know that my gut is repaired?
  9. What everyday supplements do you recommend everyone should be taking, including teens?
  10. Does my one cup of organic coffee per day prevent my leaky gut from healing?
  11. Do you eat corn chips (organic, non-GMO), or should I stop feeding them to my girls?
  12. What treatment would you recommend to prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s?
  13. I want to do an elimination diet, but am worried that I won’t be able to stick to it! How can you help ensure success of following through on this, and how long will it take?
  14. What are your thoughts on the blood type diet? Is it important to eat a certain diet based on blood type?
  15. How do you handle having both diabetes and gluten intolerance without messing one of them up worse?
  16. Why is it so hard to find help on mold exposure?
  17. How do you recommend treating PCOS naturally?
  18. How to stop eating sugar?
  19. If I was advised to stay away from milk, does peach keifer count as milk?
  20. If I was advised to eat gluten free, does oatmeal count as gluten?
  21.  I will be traveling abroad soon (Europe, Middle East, and Southeast Asia). The travel guides are recommending vaccinations. What are your tips and recommendations on vaccinations, staying healthy, and maintaining a gluten free diet?
  22. Dr. Myers, I have you heard you say before that the gut is not something that is really addressed in medical school. I found this to be intriguing. Can you please elaborate on this? Why do doctors come out of medical school with little to no training on the gut?
  23. Best source of folate, not folic acid…how do I know the difference on the label?
  24. Nutritionally, what is the first thing you usually ingest after waking in the mornings?
  25. How are you?

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