1. Instant absorption of vitamins, micronutrients and enzymes
2. Gives your digestive system a break
3. Speeds up detoxification
4. Allows cells to heal and repair
5. Easily obtain nine or more serving of fruits and vegetables a day
6. Enhances alkalinity in the body
7. Filled with vital energy from the sun
8. Rich source of antioxidants such as vitamin A and vitamin C
9.  Improves energy levels and stabilizes blood sugar and mood
10. Promotes vitality and youthful appearance

The Myers family juice

Dr. Myer’s Favorite Organic Green Juice

1 Large cucumber
4-6 Stalks celery
1 Head of dinosaur kale
1 Gala apple
6 Stems of cilantro
½ Inch ginger
Makes 2 small (8 ounce) or 1 large (16 ounce) juice.

Place all ingredients in juicer.  I use a Breville Juicer.

I use 100% organic fruits and vegetables.

Listen to my podcast here with Drew Canole of FitLife.TV about the benefits of juicing.