Today’s world seems to get busier and busier, and that can pose a challenge if you’re trying to stay healthy. If you’ve been part of The Myers WayⓇ or other Autoimmune Protocols, you know how important keeping healthy AIP snacks on hand is. 

Snacks are basically a household staple in most American families. In fact, some research finds that snacks account for 22% of the total energy intake for adults (1). Finding quick healthy snack ideas that store well, taste great, and support your health can be tough! If you are unsure of where to start when it comes to healthy snacking, then you’re in the right place. 
You might feel overwhelmed with the thought of how much prep work it could take. Trust me when I say these AIP snack ideas are simple to make. It gets even easier once you have tips and recipes to share! 1

Before we dive into these healthy snack hacks, I want to emphasize the importance of avoiding toxic foods, even amid a packed schedule.  2

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Swap for Healthier Ingredients

Since the recent 2019 health crisis, many people have expressed the desire to eat healthier. 3 The problem is that health-conscious consumers need a clear-cut path to make that happen. One of the best ways you can take back control of your health is to adopt The Myers WayⓇ or other autoimmune-friendly cooking. If you’re trying to find easy healthy snacks on the go, here are some ideas you can adopt. 

Eating the right foods and ditching the toxic and inflammatory ones will help soothe your gut and inflammatory response. It will also reduce some of your most troubling symptoms. Headaches, rashes, digestive issues, hair loss, and joint pain can become a distant memory as you learn to cook the foods that support your immune system and reduce the systemic inflammation behind your condition.

Making the switch is easier than you think! Some of the essential ingredient swaps you’ll want to consider include areas of flour, dairy, and sugar. With practice (and a little help from The Autoimmune Solution Cookbook), you will be well on your way to enjoying healthier and delicious AIP snacks and meals. 

Don’t skip the labels! In addition to making simple ingredient swaps, you’ll want to start making a habit of reading what ingredients are in your packaged items.

Most health-conscious shoppers want to make better choices, but studies find that many don’t know how to correctly interpret the information on food labels. 4 This leads to a misunderstanding of what’s healthy and what’s not.

Here are some ingredients you’ll want to avoid when reading food labels:

  • Gluten
  • Dairy
  • Soy
  • Corn
  • Eggs
  • GF Grains / Pseudo Grains such as amaranth, millet, rice, oats, quinoa
  • Nightshades such as tomato, eggplant, peppers, and potatoes,
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Legumes such as beans, garbanzo, lentils, peas, peanuts
  • Refined sugars such as High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Artificial sweeteners

These ingredients like to hide in most of today’s prepackaged items. Finding AIP snacks can also be a bit tricky because added artificial ingredients or sweeteners may outweigh the good ingredients. 

When you’re shopping for packaged foods, another rule of thumb is to look for these specific claims to avoid adding to your toxic burden.

  • Gluten-free
  • Non-GMO
  • Organic
  • Grass-fed
  • Pasture-raised
  • Wild-caught

When in doubt, go without! You’ve worked hard to get to this point in your health journey, and there’s no sense derailing it now. 

My  Go-To AIP Snacks

As I mentioned earlier, finding AIP snacks at the store can be a bit challenging. If you’re looking for easy health snacks on the go, I have something special for you. 

My team and I put together a list of healthy snack ideas and recipes that are simple to make, fun to eat, and easy to store. These AIP snack ideas are so easy that my 6-year-old daughter Elle loves them too, making them a great option for the whole family.

The Myer’s WayⓇ Trail Mix

Running errands but need a quick healthy snack idea to keep the kids happy? Skip the standard recipe and go with The Myers Way® Trail Mix. This is one of the many wholesome AIP snack ideas. It features a colorful blend of gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free ingredients. It’s guaranteed to keep you and your gut health happy as you go about your day.

Tropical Granola Bars

Skip the unhealthy store-bought granolas and make your own Tropical Granola Bars. These AIP snacks are grain-free and nut-free bars. Dried mangos and hearty tiger nuts make these bars both filling and energizing, loaded with nutrients to keep you going as you check off your to-do list.

Chocolate Coconut Protein Bites

Save time and money by making your own Chocolate Coconut Protein Bites, made with adaptogenic, Organic Greens powder and The Myers Way® Double Chocolate Paleo Protein. It’s a wholesome alternative to the expensive packaged protein bars that are full of junk and processed ingredients.

Veggie Tots

If you have trouble squeezing enough veggies into your diet, these Veggie Tots can help. These egg, flour, and potato-free AIP snacks are irresistibly good and incredibly healthy. Even your kids will love them!

AIP Beef Jerky

What’s high in protein, requires no refrigeration, and makes great portable on-the-go healthy snacks? AIP Beef Jerky, of course! Flavorful and nutritious, these simple AIP snacks are made with all the good stuff, with none of the gut-irritating preservatives.

AIP Soft Pretzel Bites

If you need a bit of comfort food without the guilt, AIP Soft Pretzel Bites are just the trick. Five ingredients and 30 minutes later, you will be biting into warm, delicious, gluten-free pretzel bites that are one of the many excellent quick healthy snack ideas.

Gluten-Free Garlic Rosemary Crackers

Satisfy that salty craving with my Gluten-Free Garlic Rosemary Crackers. These zesty AIP snacks come with health-boosting herbs that support your immune system while tasting delicious!

Collagen Guacamole on Sweet Potato Nachos

Game day or any day, surprise your friends with these grain-free, dairy-free Collagen Guacamole on Sweet Potato Nachos. This appetizer hosts a unique blend of healing herbs like cilantro, veggies like watermelon radish, and Collagen Protein. Enjoy a well-rounded palette of flavors, textures, and nutrients that will please crowds large and small.

AIP Diets Can Vary From Person To Person

Autoimmune protocols can look different for everyone. When I had my clinic, I noticed many of my patients being able to enjoy some of the foods on the elimination list such as nuts, seeds, and eggs. If you find that you can tolerate nuts, then you’ll love these two options below. 

Paleo Cookie Dough Bars

Who doesn’t love cookie dough? It’s even better when they’re AIP snacks you can take with you on the road! Paleo Cookie Dough Bars are the perfect no-bake dessert that nourishes you while satisfying your sweet tooth. The Myers Way® Vanilla Bean Paleo Protein gives this on-the-go healthy snack the added beauty benefits of grass-fed collagen-specific amino acids.

Final Word on Quick Healthy Snack Ideas

Finding easy healthy snacks on the go can be a challenge. AIP snack ideas can seem even trickier, especially since many foods marketed as “healthy” aren’t healthy at all. 

The good news is that, with a little preparation, you can have everything you need to enjoy healthy snacks for work, or wherever life takes you today. You can make easy healthy snacks on the go by swapping out toxic ingredients and using healthier, more wholesome ingredients. 

These AIP snack ideas are easy, delicious and an absolute must if you’re determined to prioritize your health. They’re even great for kids, which can help get them in the habit of eating healthier throughout their lives. 

As we wrap up one year and head into another, I hope that you find some inspiration in these recipes to support you in your AIP journey. 

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