The holiday season is here, and with it comes the festive feelings of joy and cheer! I enjoy surprising my family and friends with thoughtful gifts this time of year. You probably feel the same way and are already thinking of all the healthy gifts you want to surprise your friends and family with. 

They say sharing is caring, and if you’ve adopted The Myers Way® this year, why not share the gift of health with them this holiday season? Maybe your friends and family are curious about your new lifestyle, are impressed by your renewed energy, or are even jealous of your glowing skin.

There are lots of options on the market today, but if you’re looking for healthy gifts to share with friends and family, you’re in the right place. 

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Health & Wellness Trends

Since the recent COVID-19 pandemic, more people are becoming more conscious of their health. Recent reports show that 60-70% of adults are aware of how their habits affect their health, and are willing to make changes to reduce and prevent disease later on in life (1). 

The wellness industry continues to grow over the next decade, and more products are coming out every day to meet the demands of consumers. In fact, some of the biggest areas of health and wellness predicted to expand in the years ahead include (2):

  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Appearance
  • Mindfulness

In addition to this, alcohol consumption is on the decline as many Millennials and Gen Zs are adopting what’s quickly being known as the sober curious movement.

As people are becoming more aware of how products affect their health, they’re looking for better solutions. I’m happy to share that my team and I are at the front lines of the health movement, and this holiday season I’m offering you a variety of healthy gifts to help your loved ones look and feel their best. 

Give the gift of health this holiday season with my Holiday Healthy Gifts List. They’re perfect for anyone new to The Myers Way®, as well as those who are familiar with the AIP protocol.

Holiday Gift List

You want your loved ones to have the best holiday gifts, but where do you start? The truth is that more people would incorporate healthier foods, snacks, and supplements into their lives if they had someone tell them what to take. 

That’s why I made it easy for you. I compiled a list of healthy gifts to take the guesswork out of figuring out what proteins, supplements, and healthy snacks to eat. 

Let’s dive in and get into  the list of my top 10 favorite healthy gifts!

The Myers Way Multivitamin

Nothing gives the gift of health better than The Myers Way® Multivitamin. Cover all your health bases with high levels of key nutrients. Not only are they designed for general wellness and detoxification, but they also contain four essential supplements virtually EVERYONE should be taking!

Probiotic 30 Billion CFU

In addition to a high-quality multivitamin, probiotics help support the gut microbiome and boost immunity. Probiotic 30 Billion CFU harnesses powerful strains of beneficial bacteria to help facilitate healthy digestion and nutrient absorption. This means more regular bowel movements, weight loss support, a stronger immune system, and more!

Collagen Protein

Topical beauty products only get you so far if you’re not targeting skin health from within. Give your skin that youthful glow with my grass-fed, organic Collagen Protein. Hydrolyzed for optimal absorption, this unflavored formulation supports a healthy gut lining and promotes healthy hair, nails, and skin.

Liposomal Vitamin C

All the holiday socializing creates a perfect opportunity to pick up a seasonal bug or two. Defend yourself against unwelcome guests with Liposomal Vitamin C. Unlike other Vitamin Cs, this cutting-edge formula binds to beneficial fatty acids. This maximizes absorption and bioavailability, up to 135% that of traditional oral Vitamin C!

Paleo Protein

Holiday fun often includes a lot of traveling. Running errands, visiting family, and attending parties all make it challenging to stay on track with healthy eating habits. And after a long day is done, you may feel like snuggling up and turning on your favorite holiday Hallmark movies. 
Curl up on the couch with a toasty mug of classic Double Chocolate Paleo Protein, which features 21 grams of gut-nourishing, grass-fed protein bliss without gluten, dairy, or artificial sweeteners. You can also use it to make healthy holiday protein balls, like the ones I promote in The Myers® Way AIP & Paleo Holiday Recipe eBook!. If a rich chocolate flavor is not your thing, try our mocha latte, vanilla bean, or unflavored options.

Leaky Gut Revive®

Skip the poinsettia this holiday season and opt for a potent blend of botanicals designed to help your healthy gut microflora blossom with Leaky Gut Revive®. This proprietary blend of nutrients comes in three varieties to help soothe and repair your gut effectively. You can choose between our classic Leaky Gut Revive®, Leaky Gut Revive® Max, or my personal favorite– Leaky Gut Revive® Strawberry Lemonade.

If you know you’ll be attending a party with health-triggering foods, simply add a scoop in a glass of water in the morning to give your gut and immune health an extra boost.

Rest and Restore 

This time of year can often be stressful. With all the planning and events, it can be hard to get quality sleep. If you have a hard time overthinking and worrying at night, give yourself the gift of health with Rest and Restore.

This effective, non-habit-forming formula helps facilitate normal sleep cycles without giving you that “drowsy next day” feeling. Rest and Restore after a long winter’s day with a targeted proprietary blend for a deeper, more restful sleep. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Coconut Charcoal

Your friends and family can finally be thrilled to find coal in their stocking! Experience a soothing post-holiday detox with all-natural Coconut Charcoal. Sourced from all-natural tropical coconut shells, it encourages healthy detoxification pathways, as well as the binding and adsorption of toxins.

The capsules are great to take with you on the road and are a must-have in case you come across food allergies during events or gatherings.

Curb hunger pangs and encourage ideal digestive health with my Chewy Chocolate Paleo Bars. With superior taste compared to other protein bars, these scrumptious snacks carry 16 grams of fiber, 10 grams of protein, and only one gram of sugar per bar. Give your workout buddies the gift of health with this perfect pre or post-exercise snack.

Coconut Joy Fiber Bars

Fuel your holiday joy with Coconut Joy Fiber Bars. These delicious paleo-approved desserts are packed with 16 grams of fiber and only two grams of sugar per bar. Support optimal digestion and keep your weight loss goals on track with these must-have stocking stuffers!

Healthy Gift Sets

If you’re looking to give something more than a stocking stuffer, these sets would make the perfect gift. These three kits are great options for anyone on your list this year.

Essential Beauty Kit

With all the holiday hustle and bustle, you need to take shortcuts where it counts. Try simplifying your clean skincare routine with my Essential Beauty Kit. Free of toxins and highly effective, this simple 1-minute routine is the perfect stocking stuffer for a holiday vacation. 

Repair Kit

Give your loved ones the gift of health by combining the essentials of gut repair in my Repair Kit. This kit pairs the powerful effects of Complete Enzymes and Leaky Gut Revive®, helping you better digest your food, absorb more nutrients, and jump-start on your gut repair journey.

Superfoods Kit

Do you know someone who is always on the go? Take your nutrition on the road with my Superfood Kit, featuring alkaline greens and phytonutrients that boost antioxidants and support healthy detoxification. Both the Organic Greens and Organic Reds can be easily mixed into water, your favorite smoothie, or as part of a post-holiday detoxing green juice!

A Final Word on Holiday Gifts

After months of waiting, we’re finally here. The holiday meals, present wrapping, festive music, and time with loved ones, the spirit of love and generosity abounds this time of year. 

These last few years have been a real eye-opener into how much everything around us affects our health. From face creams to protein powders, finding healthy gifts is something more people are getting on board with. 

I have worked with patients from all walks of life. From gut issues to autoimmune diseases, my patients understand their health is one of the greatest gifts they can have.

That’s why they’re doing what it takes to heal and thrive. You can, too! Give the gift of health this holiday season with nourishing, clean, and sustainable products that cover your health, wellness, and beauty needs.

Coconut Joy Bar