I recommend virtually everyone take a high-quality multivitamin. Getting the full spectrum of essential nutrients your body requires is critical. I have formulated The Myers Way® Multivitamin to ensure you get optimal amounts of essential nutrients. 

The Myers Way® Multivitamin contains the highest quality blend of vitamins and minerals designed for optimal absorption and bioavailability. It’s the perfect multivitamin to build a foundation for optimal health. 

In my New York Times bestseller, The Autoimmune Solution, I recommend four supplements critical for optimal health. The Myers Way® Multivitamin is at the top of that list. Whatever you decide to include in your supplement routine, a top-quality, bioavailable multivitamin is a must! Let me tell you why.

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What is a Multivitamin?

A multivitamin combines micronutrients, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and more. My specially formulated, iron-free multivitamin contains the highest quality blend of vitamins and minerals designed for optimal absorption and bioavailability.

Whether you’re at the top of your health game, tackling a tough health challenge, or in recovery, a multivitamin can support every single cell in your body so that they all can function at their best.

What Are Nutrient Deficiencies?

Nutrient insufficiencies are much more common than you’d think. In fact, studies show these deficiencies affect about 40% of all American adults. Among the most common deficiencies are:

  • Calcium 
  •  Magnesium
  •  Vitamin A
  •  Vitamin C
  •  Vitamin D
  •  Vitamin E

Plus, with the abundance of toxins and stress in our lives, our bodies require more significant amounts of protective micronutrients than ever. Anytime you are below optimal levels of a particular nutrient, you are deficient. The Myers Way® Multivitamin fills in the gaps to ensure you get an optimal amount of these micronutrients to maintain and reinforce your health. 

Our bodies require greater amounts of protective micronutrients than ever.

Unfortunately, due to soil and water quality, industrial farming practices, and how animals get raised for food, we are getting fewer nutrients than ever! For example, a study at The University of Texas compared the nutritional value of more than 40 types of produce grown 50 years apart.1 The produce grown more recently had marked declines in:

  • Calcium
  •  Vitamin B2
  •  Vitamin C

And probable declines in:

  • Magnesium
  •  Vitamin B6
  •  Vitamin E
  •  Zinc
Common Nutrient Insufficiencies – Infographic – Amy Myers MD®Common Nutrient Insufficiencies - Infographic - Amy Myers MD® https://content.amymyersmd.com/article/multivitamin-the-myers-way/Common Nutrient Insufficiencies – Infographic – Amy Myers MD®

The Multivitamin and Thyroid Connection

The Myers Way® Multivitamin is tailor-made to help promote optimal thyroid gland function. Having personally lived with thyroid issues, I’ve spent my career perfecting the art of supporting thyroid health for myself and my many patients. 

While I custom-formulated it to be the perfect multivitamin for virtually everyone, it’s tailor-made for those with thyroid dysfunction. In fact, in my clinic, ALL of my patients with thyroid function issues, including an under active thyroid or hyperthyroidism, had my daily multivitamin in their treatment plans. This included my patients with autoimmune disorders such as Hashimoto’s disease and Graves’ disease

This specially formulated multi is the perfect companion to my second book, The Thyroid Connection. It’s jam-packed with micronutrients in the forms your body wants and the amounts your thyroid needs. 

My formula has optimal levels of thyroid-supporting minerals such as iodine, alongside antioxidants like vitamins C and E. Combined with other free radical scavengers, no other multi on the market does more to support your thyroid!

Aren’t All Multivitamins the Same?

All multivitamins are not created equal! Most multivitamins are too low in essential nutrients. Often, these essential nutrients may be missing altogether. Some people take a separate mineral supplement or even a special vitamin B12 supplement. When I formulated The Myers Way® Multivitamin, I made sure to include everything you need in a form that is readily available and usable by your body.

Most multivitamins are too low in key nutrients.

Your body prefers nutrients in certain forms over others. There’s a big difference between cyanocobalamin (synthetic version) and methylcobalamin (natural version), and your body dramatically prefers the natural version over the synthetic.

Is The Myers Way® Multivitamin Just for Thyroid Patients?

No, it’s ideal for many people! The combination of vitamins and minerals includes vitamin B12, which helps support your red blood cells. It also has optimal zinc levels, critical for optimal immune support function. I also included appropriate selenium levels to ensure your metabolism is fully supported. 

These are just a few examples of the vitamins and minerals included. The Myers Way® Multivitamin is perfect for anyone who:

  • Avoids dairy products
  •  Chooses to support optimal hormone balance and weight loss
  •  Desires support for healthy thyroid and adrenal function
  •  Doesn’t eat enough organic fruit and vegetables
  •  Follows the Standard American Diet (SAD)
  •  Follows a vegan diet
  •  Has MTHFR mutations and wants to promote optimal methylation
  •  Wants to obtain optimal amounts of the nutrients their body needs to thrive

When I custom formulated The Myers Way® Multivitamin, I poured over a decade of research into selecting the nutrient forms that work best with your body. This means methylated B vitamins, chelated minerals, vitamin D as cholecalciferol, and much more. 

Perhaps equally important is what it doesn’t contain. You’ll never find gluten, wheat, dairy, corn, soy, GMOs, or toxic ingredients.

The Final Word on a Multivitamin

Compare the supplement facts label of The Myers Way® Multivitamin with others and you will see for yourself the higher levels of essential nutrients and minerals designed to support optimal health and detoxification. It’s the ideal supplement to start you on your health journey!

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