Traveling can be one of the biggest challenges for those following The Myers Way® Autoimmune Solution. Between airports, hotels, long drives, and restaurants, it can be tricky to find TMW-approved foods.

Luckily, traveling, packing, and eating while on vacation just got a lot easier, thanks to my friends at Thrive Market!

I’ve partnered with them to create a complete kit of delicious, travel-friendly snacks that are all approved for The Autoimmune Solution!

The kit includes protein-packed snacks and sweet and savory treats that are perfect for family vacations or business trips. Plus, each item is 25-50% cheaper than you would find at the grocery store!

The Myers Way® Autoimmune Solution Travel Kit


Epic Uncured Bacon Bites x2


Wild-Planet Pink Alaskan Salmon x3

Three of these are included in the kit, and they are great as a snack, added to a meal, or tossed into a salad.


Seasnax Roasted Seaweed x2

Seaweed is rich in iodine, an essential nutrient for thyroid health. You’ll receive two packs of these savory grab-and-go snacks.


Jackson’s Honest Sweet Potato Chips

These are made with just sweet potato, coconut oil, and sea salt, and are a healthy alternative to a classic road trip food.


Paleo Coconut Flakes

These are great dry or with a dairy-free milk. You can portion them out into baggies or containers if you’re carrying a smaller bag.


Organic Applesauce Squeezes

These portable snacks are great for kids or adults!


Organic Dried Banana

These are 100% organic and free of any added sugar. They were a huge hit in our office!


Organic Dried Apricots

These are great as a snack or can be thrown into a salad for a little variety.


Pure 7 Dark Chocolate

Saving the best for last! This organic dark chocolate is 80% cacao and dairy-free. It does contain a small amount of honey, so enjoy in moderation, but it is an acceptable treat on vacation :) You can read about the health benefits of dark chocolate here.


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