If you’re like me — and the thousands of patients I saw in my clinic who went from doctor to doctor before coming to me — when the news comes, at last, you may feel as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. You’ve been struggling with painful or mysterious symptoms for a long time, and finally, you have a name for them: autoimmunity. The relief of knowing means you can now shift your energy from wondering and fearing, to focusing on overcoming your symptoms. My free training is designed to help you do that naturally.

Conventional medicine may tell you that your condition cannot be reversed and that you will have to manage your disease with harsh medications that may have terrible side effects. That’s what happened to me. I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease and my thyroid was ablated. 

Conventional medicine failed me and it’s my mission to not have it fail you too. I’ve used these steps to successfully treat patients in my clinic and even to help my own dad, James, with his polymyositis. I urge you to look at ALL the options. 

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Who Does Autoimmunity Affect?

In the United States alone, 50 million Americans have been diagnosed with autoimmune diseases. That’s 16% of the U.S. population, and the percentages are similar across the globe.   And these are just the people who have actually been diagnosed. Millions more are out there, searching for years for a diagnosis.

All of these people — including me! — who have been living with autoimmunity display a wide range of symptoms. In fact, all autoimmune diseases including well-known conditions such as celiac disease, rheumatoid arthritis (RA), type I diabetes, Hashimoto’s, and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) live on what I call the autoimmune spectrum. These diseases are at the high end of the spectrum. In the middle are inflammatory response conditions that have not yet turned into autoimmune disorders, including allergies, joint and muscle pain, and chronic fatigue. At the low end of the spectrum are inflammatory issues that come and go. Symptoms include bloating, acne, and digestive distress. 

Regardless of where you are on the autoimmune spectrum (and you can read much more about this in my New York Times bestseller, The Autoimmune Solution) your diet and lifestyle can make a huge impact. So take a deep breath. You CAN take back your health and reverse your symptoms. I did and I have helped hundreds of thousands around the world through my free training and books.

What is Autoimmunity?

Autoimmune disorders arise from chronic inflammation. When your immune system is working optimally, acute inflammation is a critical weapon that protects you against severe and immediate stressors — for example, fighting off a bacterial infection or healing a wound. This type of inflammation is localized (think a sore throat or red, inflamed skin around a cut), and subsides once the threat is gone.

Sometimes, however, your body is fooled by something called molecular mimicry. When this happens, your antibodies attack your own cells by mistake because the proteins of the invaders such as gluten are similar in molecular structure to your own tissues. Your immune system literally attacks your body.

Your immune system is made up of your digestive system, skin, tonsils, bone marrow, and spleen, yet most of it — about 80% — is located in your gut. Chronic inflammation burdens your entire body, especially your immune system, exacerbating your symptoms and making your condition worse.1 

Eating inflammatory foods (especially gluten) and low-nutrition junk foods, exposing yourself to toxins and infections, and even everyday stressors can put you in a state of chronic inflammation. Our choices and actions make a difference in how our bodies cope with autoimmune disease.

How to Reverse Your Symptoms In Three Steps

I know from my own personal experience, as well as my years of clinical practice in functional medicine ( a whole-body approach that focuses on getting to the root cause of disease rather than treating individual symptoms or organs) that when it comes to overcoming autoimmune conditions, there really are just three simple steps you can take to make a world of difference. Know that you do not have to choose between conventional medicine and functional medicine. You can do both!

Step 1: Know Your Options

Educate yourself about the symptoms and treatment options specific to your disease, and stay up to date on the best care practices in addition to making the necessary changes to your lifestyle that will improve your health. 

If you’re on medication for your autoimmune condition and it is working for you, stay on it! Even if you want to focus on a more natural approach, it may take a while before you see changes in symptoms or can get off your medications. If you do not feel that your medications are working, I always recommend discussing this with your physician. I’ve seen many patients gradually wean themselves off medications IF that is the path they want to take. However, it’s critical that you build up your health by healing your gut (see step 3!) before you attempt to scale back your medications. 

Step 2: Empower Yourself

Knowledge is power, and you can give yourself the power to fight autoimmunity with resources such as my book, The Autoimmune Solution. The Autoimmune Solution can support your efforts to get to the root of your condition and help you reverse it naturally. It includes a guide to supplements, a symptom tracker, and a 30-day program filled with meal plans and recipes. 

My mission is to empower people to take control of their health. After working with thousands of people in my clinic, I developed these tools that will assist you in doing just that. You can take back your health, and my book will guide you through exactly how to do it.

I also encourage you to join my community of like-minded people who understand your condition. They have been through similar situations and can offer you helpful information. The Myers Way® Community is a safe space for people to ask questions, get support when feeling down, celebrate their successes, find new recipes, and make new friends. Communities and having a support system are truly vital to your healing process. There’s no need to go it alone!

Step 3: Heal Your Gut

When your gut is damaged in what’s known as leaky gut, invaders including toxins and undigested food particles that were never meant to pass through your intestinal wall get into your bloodstream. Your immune system then responds by going into overdrive to fend off these invaders. Because the invaders may resemble your own cells, your immune system can become confused and, in a case of mistaken identity, attack even the healthy tissues in your body.

Your best action to healing your gut is to follow the 4R approach that I used successfully with thousands of patients in my clinic.

The Myers Way 4 Rs – Infographic – Amy Myers MD®The Myers Way 4 Rs - Infographic - Amy Myers MD® https://content.amymyersmd.com/article/diagnosed-autoimmune-disease/The Myers Way 4 Rs – Infographic – Amy Myers MD®
  1. Remove. Remove anything that negatively affect the environment of the gut such as inflammatory foods including gluten, dairy, corn, soy, eggs; infections such as from Candida overgrowth, or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO; and gastric irritants such as sugar, alcohol, caffeine, or drugs. 
  2. Replace. Replace what’s missing. Adding digestive enzymes to your regimen will help support optimal digestion and nutrient absorption, as well as assist your body’s intestinal repair and inflammation responses. Low stomach acid leads to a whole host of digestive issues that cause inflammation, swelling, and fluid retention in the stomach and digestive tract, so I recommend supplementing with HCL, which can help support a balanced pH in your gut.
  3. Reinoculate. Restore the beneficial bacteria in your gut with high-quality, high-potency probiotics to re-establish a healthy microbiome.
  4. Repair. Provide your gut with the essential nutrients it needs to repair itself. My most comprehensive weapon against leaky gut is Leaky Gut Revive®

I’m Here for You

As I explain in detail in my free training, I’ve developed a six-week program to uncover the root causes of your symptoms and reverse your autoimmunity. This program is exactly what I used with the thousands of people from all over the world who came to see me in my clinic. 

Autoimmunity is so widespread, and affects so many people in every corner of the globe, that I felt it was critical to make this free training available to everyone. When I had my clinic, patients spent thousands of dollars on airfare, hotels, and meals to come and see me. And because I could personally only see a few patients each day, there was a months-long waiting list to even make an appointment. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend the time or money to get this important information.This free training is available for you whenever you’re ready.

My proven, six-week program was designed for anyone who has been diagnosed with any type of autoimmune disease and is ready to address the root cause of their symptoms, regain their vitality, and find a true solution for lifelong health and happiness. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to address:

  • Alopecia
  • Celiac disease
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Graves’ disease
  • Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (check with your doctor before changing any medications)
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Polymyositis
  • Psoriasis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Scleroderma
  • Sjögren’s syndrome
  • Type 1 diabetes (check with your doctor before changing any medications)
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Vasculitis
  • Vitiligo
  • Any other autoimmune condition

I created this step-by-step, six-week program to make it as easy as possible for you to uncover the true root cause of your autoimmunity, and adopt proven strategies to support your health and well-being. This proven program is packed with easy-to-follow resources and empowering tools that allow you to nourish, support, and balance your immune system. 

However, there are no magic pills or miracle cures. The steps are all straightforward and simple to follow. I will arm you with all of the tools, resources, and support you need to make the transition stress-free and sustainable! You are so worth this effort!

You don’t have to settle for a lifetime of harsh medications, or a list of symptoms that only gets longer as the months go by. My free training will put you on the road to living a vibrant and healthy life, regaining your well-being and vitality, and feeling better than ever.

It is up to you to get to the root, learn the tools, and reverse your condition so that you can live the solution. My free training is designed to help you do just that. Treat your body the way you would treat your best friend — with compassion, patience, and understanding. It is going to take time to feel an improvement in the symptoms of your autoimmune condition, yet this is something you absolutely can do. There is no risk in discovering how you can take control of your health!

I’m here to support you in any way that I can. I took back my health and I know that you can too!

Physician-formulated to tackle autoimmunity from every angle. Get your AI Kit now!

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