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Get lost in the sauce when you top your slice with AIP BBQ sauce glaze that makes this dish! Everyone will finally agree that this is the right way to make meatloaf and even your kids will get on board. Make this recipe for your next family meal.

The AIP friendly pretzel bites are the perfect substitute for the ones your find at the mall. Now gluten-free, enjoy these AIP soft pretzels salty or sweet.

I know how kids can be particularly stubborn when it comes to trying new foods that don’t come out of a box. This week that won’t be a problem with this Paleo Kid-Friendly Taco Skillet Dinner! Here is the perfect easy AIP-approved dinner that you can eat with your whole family!

Enjoy this beautiful Fall harvest salad that is loaded with seasonal Fall ingredients! It has a great combination of flavors, colors, and textures thanks to crispy roasted Brussels sprouts, creamy butternut squash, and crunchy apples and cucumbers.

This rustic AIP Pizzette is very easy to put together for an easy lunch or dinner! This version has an AIP- and Paleo-friendly “nomato” sauce, crispy smoky bacon, and fresh basil.

This watermelon mojito mocktail is the perfect summer refresher! It’s very easy to make in 5 minutes, super refreshing, delicious, and made with healthy paleo- and AIP-friendly ingredients without any refined sugars!

The combination of crispy flavorful fried chicken on top of perfectly cooked gluten-free waffles with a crispy crust on the outside is so good, especially when topped with a drizzle of honey. It’s the perfect meal for any time of day—brunch, lunch, or dinner!

This gluten-free, dairy-free oatmeal alternative will shock you. Adding vegetables to your breakfast has never been easier. Your kids will be eating this up before you even have a chance to tell them about them it’s not oatmeal!

Sweet potato bites are an amazing AIP appetizer or snack, especially when served with delicious dairy-free guacamole cream on top. This easy appetizer takes just a half hour to make from scratch and is very healthy. It is AIP- and paleo-friendly, gluten-free, and vegan, and most importantly—so delicious you and your guests will keep reaching for more of these AIP sweet potato bites!

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