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AIP BBQ wings

These chicken wings are crispy, flavorful and so tender on the inside. They’re baked, not fried, and brushed with the tastiest homemade AIP-friendly mango BBQ sauce. These wings are a great recipe to feed a crowd for game day or…

Celebrate National Chocolate Day with this gorgeous AIP Skillet Brownie topped with delicious Dairy-free Ice Cream and decadent chocolate sauce! This is an easy dessert that feeds a crowd and satisfies all the chocolate cravings. This AIP skillet brownie is made healthier with a gluten-free flour mix and unrefined sugars. It’s so good served warm with vanilla ice cream!

avocado coconut smoothie

This rich and creamy Avocado Coconut Smoothie is easy to make with just a few ingredients and is so satisfying! It’s great for a quick breakfast on the go or as a healthy snack when you’re craving a sweet treat….

Flavorful, juicy chicken breast that has a Mexican-inspired flavor but made AIP-friendly without using any peppers is topped with fruity, delicious mango salsa and served with creamy avocado. This Mexican chicken is gluten-free and suitable for the AIP and Paleo diets. It’s the perfect light lunch for summer. 

This antioxidant tea is the perfect way to wake up every morning or to unwind in the evening. It’s so easy to make from scratch with just a few antioxidant-rich ingredients that give this tea a lot of flavor.

AIP Slow Cooker Chili

This nightshade-free chili is loaded with vegetables, protein, and flavor. This is a great chili recipe to celebrate National Chili Day on Feb. 24.

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