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is brown fat good or bad

Is Brown Fat Good or Bad?

Are brown fat cells good or bad? Researchers took a very close look at brown fat, find out what brown fat is and why you want to activate it.

Cortisol and Weight Gain

The Link Between Cortisol and Weight Gain

Cortisol slows down metabolism and increasings sugar cravings. Discover the link between cortisol and weight gain, and what to do about it.

You can lose weight after 40

Yes, You Can Lose Weight After 40!

Trying to lose weight after 40 can be extremely challenging. Trust me, I know. It can seem as if you are doing everything possible to shed the pounds, yet you make little progress or none. I, too, have struggled with…

how to protect yourself from the sun

How to Protect Yourself From the Sun

The sun provides many benefits to your health, yet too much of a good thing can be bad. Find out how to protect yourself from the sun.

adrenal fatigue

Signs and Causes of Adrenal Fatigue

Do you struggle to get out of bed, are you having strong cravings, body aches, or feeling dizzy? These may be signs of adrenal fatigue.

whats the difference between prebiotics and probiotics

The Difference Between Prebiotics and Probiotics

Do you know the difference between a prebiotic and a probiotic? Prebiotics feed the probiotic good bacteria. Learn more!

how to detox your liver

How To Safely Detox your Liver

The safest way to detox your liver is to eat a nutrient-dense, gut-friendly diet that includes foods to support your liver function.

Benefits of Activated Charcoal

The Benefits of Activated Charcoal

Due to its binding properties, the benefits of activated charcoal include providing emergency and long-term detoxification. Learn more!

chlorophyll health benefits

7 Chlorophyll Health Benefits

Lately, everyone has been talking about the health benefits of this chlorophyll, yet what is it? It’s a powerful superfood with a big punch!

benefits of sweating

The Benefits of Sweating & Detoxing Your Body

There are a lot of benefits of sweating., yet do you know what happens when you sweat? I’m going to tell you what sweat is and why you do it.

do juice cleanses work

Do Juice Cleanses Work?

Juice cleanses have become a popular detox method in recent years, but you may be wondering: do juice cleanses work? Let’s take a look!

abnormal pap smear

Reasons for an Abnormal Pap Smear

There are many causes of an abnormal Pap smear. Results offer valuable feedback and can sometimes lead to life-saving intervention.

high protein fast food

High Protein Fast Food: The Best Quick Options

I don’t advocate eating fast food, yet some situations make it inevitable. In such moments it’s wise to make good high-protein fast food.

Low testosterone and depression

Low Testosterone: The Men’s Mental Health Connection

One of the most overlooked topics in modern medicine is the low testosterone – mental health connection in men.

animal based protein

Why Animal-Based Protein is Better than Plant-Based

I recommend animal-based protein sources because they provide more protein per serving, healthy fat, and the essential amino acids.

how to fix leaky gut

How to Fix Leaky Gut with Collagen

Because collagen contains amino acids glycine, glutamine, and proline which are beneficial to gut health, let’s talk about how to fix leaky gut with collagen!

poor gut health

Why You Have Poor Gut Health

Your gut is the gateway to optimal health. Poor gut health can set you up for problems. Your gut often gives you warning signs letting you know something’s off.

SIBO symptoms

SIBO Symptoms, Causes, Testing & Diagnosis

Nine SIBO Symptoms: Gas & Bloating, Gut Pain, Constipation, Diagnosis of IBS, Food Intolerances, Leaky gut, Chronic Illness, Nutrient Deficiencies, Fat Malabsorption, Rosacea

vagal tone

Vagal Tone: The Gut-Brain Axis & the Vagus Nerve

The vagal tone is just like a cell phone signal from your vagus nerve. Sometimes it gets weak. Here’s how to improve your vagal tone.

Being a mom

Dr. Myers on Being A Mom

Like many of you, I chose to be a mother. It was one of the best decisions of my life. Of all my roles, being a mom is the one I value most.